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January 30 2018

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save him..

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Poet | Artist photobook ✨ © supernoona_TM

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gugudan — the boots mv teaser

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Jay Park (박재범) X Yultron (율트론) - ‘Forget About Tomorrow’ [Official Musi…

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PENOMECO - ‘L.I.E’ (Prod. by ZICO) MV
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The weather’s very cold these days, how cold will it be for you at camp~ Always take care of yourself, don’t overwork your body, and come back healthy! Whenever you have breaks, I will buy a lot of delicious food for you! Despite being the younger one, you’re always cool!…I will keep supporting you and wait for your news, if you are able to keep in touch, you definitely have to contact us to report your well-being!!! Your task is not get injured, and safely await your first break!  — (excerpt) Lee Geon’s message to Juhyeon upon enlistment [source]

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Can Xukun just acknowledge this cute fanboy of his already?

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kim jonghyun
(apr. 8, 1990 - dec. 18, 2017)

If only you would have known that you were never alone, that we were always right here, by your side.

You’ve done well, may you rest in peace.  ©

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yue yue eating a snack while doing the exercise

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scenes in Highlight’s “Can Be Better” as hypothetical movies



the president of the grammys really said women didn’t get the recognition they deserved because they need to “step up,” yet he said he can’t wait to see taylor swift next year……… boy bye

kesha sang about healing after being raped and she lost to a bland song about the shape of a woman’s body. lorde wrote a whole album about being cheated on and the struggles of being a teenage girl and she was the only aoty nom to not be asked to perform solo. lady gaga’s album was about the passing of her aunt and how to deal with a loss and she didn’t win. sza, who was the most nominated female, wrote an album about the hardship and beauty of being a black woman and lost in every category. all of these women wrote about their emotions and setbacks, and they were all snubbed. but go ahead, give taylor swift multiple grammys because she wrote a catchy song about how “bad” she is for tricking a black man into looking like a villain.

January 29 2018

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when baby-faced zhenghao makes everyone question their age

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